In-house English Classes

Learn about our custom courses and services to improve communication in your workplace.

Do you need to improve communication in the workplace? Do you want to provide a quality and valued service to your employees and reap the benefits? Consider a bespoke Business English language course from Bestow Education that can improve:

  • Grammar and pronunciation
  • Intercultural awareness in the workplace
  • Meeting management
  • Presentation delivery and skills
  • Written communication

Firstly, we will listen to what you want to achieve from the classes. Afterwards, we design industry specific lesson plans and tasks that make the classes relevant and interesting. Notably, the classes will be run by a regular, certified, and experienced teacher.

We find that employees usually have a high level of English. However, they may make small yet noticeable mistakes. We focus on addressing these small inaccuracies so that people who attend our classes become knowledgeable and confident in their communication. Importantly, we want to help your employees and company project a professional service through excellent communication.

Finally, we also offer presentation reviews and private classes to our corporate clients. These classes are useful for people who have important meetings, presentations or speeches approaching and want to ensure their delivery and content is linguistically correct.

Corporate English Communication Classes Price Cost Bestow Education

*Discounted rates apply to clients of our custom course services

If you are interested in our services or have any queries, please contact us.