Donald Trump and the English language: A linguistic crisis

Language in the Trump Era is a fascinating look at the linguistic techniques and strategies Donald Trump has used that have not only created a political crisis, but a linguistic one too.

Donald Trump Linguistic Crisis English Language Bestow Education

The book is a model on how research articles can be published to appeal to a wide audience, yet still maintain their academic integrity. It offers comprehensive citations and draws upon a wide range of research in the field.

The book examines how Donald Trump’s presidency has widened divisions along lines of class, gender, race, international relations, and even the sense of truth itself.

Our society no longer lives in the age of enlightenment, we now live in the age of entertainment where ‘our presidents . . . and newscasters need worry less about the demands of their discipline than the demands of good showmanship

(Neil Postman as cited in McIntosh & Mendoza-Denton,2020)

We created a video to highlight some of the points made in this book. By being aware of these tactics, we can be better equipped to identify them and hence, be less influenced.

Is there anything you would add or disagree with? Do you think Donald Trump has contributed to a linguistic crisis? Comment below and we will reply.

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