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Examination Preparation

Our Examination Preparation classes are guaranteed to be delivered by experienced and certified teachers. After each online English class, you will receive a report card with recommendations on areas to improve and how to improve on them with specific examples, exercises, and explanations. This is a very focused, unique, and useful service that gives you detailed feedback. Therefore, you will be able to work efficiently on areas of your English in order to increase your marks and improve your result. In addition, we offer mock exams and correction services so you are well prepared to achieve your best when the exam comes.

Online Business English Bestow Education

Online Business English

Do you need help with your pronunciation, clarity or fluency? Do you have an important speech, presentation or business meeting coming up? We provide an opportunity for you to practice your English online, so you have the confidence and expertise to deliver when you need to. Be confident when you are giving sales pitches, in negotiations or attending trade fairs. Read about some of the services we offer and if you have any questions, please contact us.

English for Academic Purposes Bestow Education

English for Academic Purposes

Our EAP classes focus on the development of spoken and written academic English. Take these classes to:

  • Become familiar with academic codes of conduct, citation, and referencing standards
  • Develop important academic skills such as note taking, test taking, critical thinking, and research practices
  • Improve academic writing skills
  • Practice presentation skills
  • Understand the different components and types of dissertations

College Application

We can help you in your college application process. We will assist you as you write your statement of purpose and personal essay. Furthermore, we perform comprehensive mock interviews so you are prepared for the real interview. Above all, we want you to have the best chance of getting into your college of choice and together we will deliver an outstanding and distinctive college application. Finally, we also offer EAP (English for Academic Purposes) classes online.


You may have other English language requirements which have not been mentioned above. If so, please contact us to see if we can help.