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Online English Classes


Schedule your online English class here! These include:

IELTS Speaking Practice Exam (40 minutes @ €40)

Over 40 minutes, you will have the opportunity to do 2 IELTS oral tests. You will receive instant feedback online and then within 24hrs, written feedback via email. This personalised feedback will be very helpful in preparation for your IELTS exam.

Business English Lesson (40 minutes @ €40)

Do you need to improve your English for any professional reasons? If so, this lesson choice is best for you. Before the lesson commences, send us information on what you would like to improve and we will design a specific lesson plan to help you.

Job Interview Practice Lesson (50 minutes @ €80)

If you have an important job interview in English and you are worried about your English, this is a great opportunity for you to prepare. Send us on the job description and specifications and we will create a job interview based on these details. This will help your confidence and ability to deliver a great interview on the day.

Presentation Review (50 minutes @ €60)

If you have an upcoming speech or presentation to deliver, practice with us in a safe and professional environment. We will review the language element of your speech and/or presentation and listen to you say it. We will provide feedback so you are ready to give a very impressive presentation to your colleagues!

English for Academic Purposes (50 minutes @ €50)

Are you writing your college dissertation or struggling with the English language requirements of college? We can answer any questions you have regarding any EAP questions or requirements you have. These can include college applications and statements of purpose.

College Interview Practice Lesson (50 minutes @ €60)

College interviews are very important moments in peoples’ lives. Send us the details about the college and course and we will create an interview to help you prepare. You will receive instant feedback so you are as best prepared as you can be to do your best at the interview.

We are English language experts and will help you with any English need you have.

If you have any questions, please contact us.

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